Wolff: Hamilton contract announcement just 'days' away


Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says Lewis Hamilton's future with the German outfit will be revealed within a matter of "days, not weeks".

Wolff and Hamilton have been locked in discussions that have progressed at a leisurely pace over the past few months, while pundits and fans alike speculated on a sensational move by the Briton to Ferrari.

But from the outset Hamilton has repeatedly insisted that Mercedes is his extended family and one that he hoped to remain even after his career in F1.

In Barcelona last time out, Hamilton hinted at an impending new deal, and on Monday Wolff confirmed on CNBC's Squawk on the Street programme that a new deal is around the corner.

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"It is going to happen soon, and we are talking more days than weeks," Wolff commented when asked about the status of Hamilton's prospective contract with Mercedes.

"We are trying hard [to get it done before the Canadian Grand Prix]. I will see him today and maybe we will talk about it.

"We have such a good relationship that we dread the moment that we need to talk about money."

Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton both joined Mercedes in 2013 and their professional relationship has blossomed over the years into a genuine and deep-rooted friendship.

Beyond the realm of their shared success in Formula 1, their bond has grown through years of collaboration, trust, and mutual respect.

Together, the two men have weathered the challenges and triumphs that come with competing at the highest level of motorsport.


Their shared goals and relentless pursuit of excellence have forged a strong connection, but it is their shared values and understanding that have truly solidified their friendship.

"From a team’s perspective, Lewis and Mercedes have gone back a long time," the Austrian said. "He has never raced for any other brand than Mercedes.

"We both joined the team in 2013 together, and from a professional relationship, we now have a friendship. It has been a wonderful time.”

Despite not winning an F1 race since December 2021, Wolff maintains that Hamilton remains the "most important personality in the sport".

Remarkably, Hamilton's last win in F1 dates all the way back to the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in Jeddah in 2021.

But despite the seven-time world champions winning drought, Hamilton remains "the most important personality in the sport" according to Wolff.

"He is so multi-faceted, not only with the racing, but also off track, so we need to keep him in the sport for as long as possible", he concluded.

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