Miami GP night race 'very unlikely' for 2024

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Formula 1 might well race under the floodlights in Miami at some point in the future, but a night race is "very unlikely" to happen as soon as next year.

The event held around the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens has been a successful endeavor for F1 based on its first two editions.

But after this year's race which took place back in May, on a very hot and humid Sunday afternoon, Miami GP managing partner Tom Garfinkel alluded to a shift to an evening schedule.

While such a move would likely see the race take place in cooler, more favourable conditions, it would also imply a middle-of-the-night live broadcast in the UK and in Europe.

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However, the event's organisers reckoned that the potential loss of TV audiences in Europe due to the rescheduling would be balanced out by greater prime time interest across the US.

Garfinkel recently confirmed Miami's interest in becoming a night race. But speaking to the media at the Belgian Grand Prix, Miami GP president Tyler Epp practically dismissed a switch in time for next year's event.

"We’ve talked about: ‘Could we do this? Does this make sense?’" said Epp, quote by The Athletic.

"We didn’t really get too deep into the analysis because at some point, it’s, why are you doing it? Like, let’s make sure there’s a justifiable reason.

"[It's] very unlikely we would do it for 2024. We will continue to evaluate. We’re always looking at ways to make the experience better.

"If we get to the place where Formula 1 says ‘this really does work for us from a broadcast perspective’, and this makes a lot of sense, certainly we’ll take a look at it."

Miami's organisers will likely be closely monitoring ratings at this year's Las Vegas Grand Prix which is scheduled to take place late on Saturday evening in Sin City, which will equate to an early Sunday morning broadcast in central Europe.

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Regardless of when Miami joins Vegas, Singapore, Qatar and Saudi Arabia as a night race, if it ever does, Epp says a change would have no bearing on the event's "brand" identity.

"Miami is our brand, and we try to bring that out with the circuit," he said.

"Vegas will be a night race as well. Singapore certainly has their spot on the calendar. I can’t tell you what their decisions are and why they are.

"For us, we’re pretty committed to being Miami, day or night."

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