Ford pressures Red Bull for 'full transparency' in Horner probe

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The brewing investigation surrounding Red Bull Racing team principal, Christian Horner, has taken a turn as American car giant Ford has expressed its growing frustration with the lack of progress and transparency of Red Bull’s probe.

Weeks into the investigation triggered by allegations of “inappropriate behaviour” against Horner by a female employee of Red Bull Racing, Ford – which is set to partner with Red Bull Powertrains in F1 from 2026 – has written to the energy drinks company demanding a swift and transparent resolution.

In a letter obtained by the Associated Press, Ford CEO Jim Farley has told Red Bull that the automotive company is “increasingly frustrated by the lack of resolution or clear indication from you about when you anticipate a fair and just resolution of this matter.

“We are likewise frustrated by the lack of full transparency surrounding this matter with us, your corporate partners, and look forward to receiving a complete account of all findings.”

Farley demanded that Red Bull give “prompt and serious attention” to the matter, insisting Ford's stance is driven by their commitment to ethical conduct.

“As we have indicated previously, without satisfactory response, Ford’s values are non-negotiable,” added the American executive.

“It is imperative that our racing partners share and demonstrate a genuine commitment to those same values.”

Red Bull racing team boss Christian Horner with Ford CEO Jim Farley. (©RedBull)

The letter concludes with a conciliatory tone, offering open communication and reiterating the desire for a mutually agreeable resolution.

“My team and I are available at any time to discuss this matter,” said Farley. “We remain insistent on, and hopeful for, a resolution we can all stand behind.”

However, the underlying message is clear: Ford expects swift and transparent action from Red Bull, and the clock is ticking.

Ford’s pressure comes at a critical time. The 2024 F1 season is about to begin, and US automotive giant has already begun marketing activations with Red Bull. The uncertainty surrounding the investigation could damage both brands' reputations.

Red Bull therefore faces a crucial decision: either address the allegations swiftly and transparently or risk losing a major sponsor – and partner – and damaging its image.

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