Ferrari committed to supporting Sainz ‘until the last corner’


Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur has pledged unwavering support for outgoing Carlos Sainz “until the last corner” of the 2024 F1 season.

Sainz will be replaced at the Scuderia by Lewis Hamilton at the end of the year, marking a significant shift in the driver market.

While the news of the seven-time world champion’s move from Mercedes to Ferrari cast doubt on the Spaniard’s prospects with the Italian outfit, Vasseur emphasized the Scuderia’s respect and commitment to Sainz until the very last race.

The Frenchman’s public statement aims to maintain a positive and professional working relationship between Sainz and the team for the rest of the season.

It also reflects Vasseur’s confidence that the Sainz will continue to deliver strong performances and contribute to the team's success despite the looming driver change.

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“We had time to discuss about it,” Vasseur said in Bahrain last week. “He had a mega professional reaction but I know perfectly well that the period and the journey was not easy for him.

“It was the most difficult call of my life when I had to call him, but also because I perfectly appreciate what he did last year with us.

“The fact that he was able to win in Singapore, to get pole in Monza, to help the team at this stage of the season and so on, but the reaction is mega professional.

“From the beginning he is fully focused on the season and he told me that he will push until the last lap of the season. But he can be sure that I will also push for him until the last corner – not the last lap, but the last corner.

“By respect for all the stakeholders of the season and the project, we worked a lot on this year’s car. The drivers are fully committed and we have to stay focused on 2024.

“This chapter is another one, it will be for 2025, but so far I want to keep the team motivated and focused. Carlos is doing a very good job and thanks to him for the support – he can be sure the team will be more than supportive until the end.”

Last week, Hamilton revealed that Vasseur played a pivotal role in his decision to switch teams, underscoring the pair’s longstanding relationship that dates back to the Briton’s junior years in the sport.

While Vasseur also acknowledged his previous positive collaboration with Hamilton during their time together, he made clear that his priority remains Ferrari’s 2024 campaign.

The Scuderia boss highlighted the significant challenges facing the team and emphasized that his full attention lies on achieving success in the present year.

“It’s not a secret that we had a good collaboration in the junior series and we kept a good relationship,” Vasseur added.

“But out of respect for everybody I want to be focused on 2024 and we have a huge challenge in front of us. It will be enough for me for this season.”

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