Saudi Arabia unveils new mindboggling Qiddiyah F1 circuit


Saudi Arabia has just unveiled the details of its brand new permanent F1 circuit in Qiddiya that should thrill drivers and fans alike.

Since joining the F1 calendar in 2021, Saudi Arabia has relied on a high-speed circuit laid out in the streets of Jeddah, but the Kingdon has now set its sights on a quite remarkable, purpose-built venue.

This new track is part of the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030 scheme located in Qiddiya, a futuristic city project currently under development and situiated approximately 45 km from Riyadh.

Designed by F1 veteran Alex Wurz and renowned circuit architect Hermann Tilke, the track boasts a 200mph counterclockwise layout, 21 corners and a 108-meter elevation change.

The FIA has already granted the venue its coveted Grade One status, making it fully F1-worthy.

Many features are highlighted in the mind-bending visuals provided by the circuit’s developpers, but the real showstopper is the "Blade," a first corner that's not just sharp, it’s sky-high!

The LED-lit marvel ascends a staggering 70 meters, which translates to over 20 stories!

The Qiddiya track has been conceived as a hybrid track that combines the best of both worlds: the permanence and versatility of a dedicated circuit with the excitement and buzz of a street venue.


The circuit will include both high-speed sections and technical corners to keep things interesting while it will also offer multiple configurations.

Abdullah Aldawood, Managing Director of Qiddiya Investment Company said: “The Speed Park Track will be a true embodiment of Qiddiya’s power of play philosophy and position Qiddiya City as the home of Saudi motorsport and one of the world’s leading motorsport venues.

“Visitors and spectators will be treated to one of the most unique race experiences in the world with a pioneering track that will be ready to host some of the world’s biggest motorsport events.”

Another prominent feature will see traditional grandstands replaced by a more modern, immersive experience with "multiple vantage points and viewing terraces".

They've even thrown in a music venue and a Six Flags rollercoaster for good measure!

"The speed park track will be seamlessly blended in its environment and the very fabric of the city, with competitors taking turn one above a music venue, and racing Six Flag's Falcon's Flight, complete with retail, dining and hospitality offerings that ensure a unique experience for visitors where sports, entertainment and culture collide,” added Aldawood.

"It's not just a venue; it's the culmination of our efforts to position Qiddiya City at the centre of global motorsport.

“Our vision for the track extends beyond the thrill of racing – spectators will get to witness one of the most elevated and immersive race experiences in the world, reinventing the sport as we know it.

"Our aim is to provide an unparalleled immersive experience that fans far and wide can enjoy. Coupled with its state-of-the-art technology, the track's unique versatility will ensure spectators can be treated with a ground-breaking motorsport experience unlike any other.

“This will allow visitors to enjoy complementary offerings on-site and extend their visit beyond the racing experience."

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