Berger’s stolen Ferrari Testarossa recovered after 28 years!


Back in 1995, Ferrari F1 driver Gerhard Berger was given an exquisite set of wheels to enjoy away from the track: A Ferrari F512M Testarossa.

The Austrian made good use of his stunning ride on the scenic roads that led from Monaco to Italy and beyond. But that year at the San Marino Grand Prix, his joyride came to a screeching halt – or was it a blazing getaway?

Fresh off the podium at Imola where he had finished third behind Williams' Damon Hill and Scuderia teammate Jean Alesi, the Austrian caught sight of his beloved Testarossa peeling away in the paddock with a mystery driver at the wheel!

Undeterred, Berger jumped in front of the car, but the thief made a speedy getaway, leaving the Ferrari charger in a cloud of dust and disbelief.

A quick thinker, Berger bravely gave chase in a friend's Volkswagen Golf, a pursuit that predictably did not go Gerhard’s way. The Ferrari was long gone. And by the way, so was Alesi’s prancing horse!

Fast forward 28 years and the precious stolen F512M has been found! Talk about a plot twist no one saw coming.

It all started earlier this year when an astute Ferrari employee contacted the London Metropolitan Police about a suspicious classic Testarossa being sold by a British broker.


Turns out, the car had gone on a globe-trotting adventure, shipped to Japan after the theft and then finding its way back to Britain late last year.

As of now, the thieves remain at large, and the search for Alesi's stolen Ferrari from the same race continues.

But for Berger, this long-lost love story finally has a happy ending, proving that even stolen Ferraris can't outrun karma - and the watchful eye of Ferrari's legal team.

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