Former Hamilton physio Cullen finds new home in IndyCar


After a period out of the spotlight following her split with Lewis Hamilton, physiotherapist Angela Cullen has re-emerged in the world of IndyCar.

The 48-year-old performance coach, who was an ubiquitous presence in Hamilton’s life on the road, played a key role in the seven-time world champion’s physical regimen for over seven years.

However, their collaboration came to an end at the beginning of the 2023 season. At the time, Cullen hinted at pursuing new endeavors.

While her expertise was honed in the high-pressure environment of Formula 1, her skills are evidently transferable.

Cullen's first public appearance since her departure from F1 came at last weekend’s non-championship IndyCar event at the Thermal Club where she teamed up with fellow Kiwi and Chip Ganassi Racing charger Marcus Armstrong.

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“Super excited to be supporting fellow Kiwi @marcusarmstrong and the Ganassi team this weekend Thermal Race ….” Cullen wrote on social media.

A move to IndyCar signifies a new chapter for Cullen, although details remain unknown about the duration of her collaboration with Armstrong.

"She's a Kiwi as well, so we linked up over the off-season and so far so good," said Armstrong.

"I've gained a bit of weight, finally. These cars are animals to drive so you've got to be in top form to be able to wrestle it around.

"She's been a great help to me and we're just trying to progress through to win some races."


Armstrong made his IndyCar debut last season with CGR but competed exclusively in road and street course events. He nevertheless earned himself the title of ‘Rookie of the Year’.

This year, the 23-year-old former Ferrari Driver Academy member has been retained by CGR and has expanded his driving duties to compete on ovals as part of a full season of racing in IndyCar.

Armstrong stated that Cullen's impact revolves around seeking any advantage he can gain over his competitors.

"It's the one-percenters in this sport because everyone is at such a high level," he explained.

"Being a good physical form as well is obviously a part of it, that's not a secret, but it's the little things.

"It's how to get your mind on top of it all and eliminate those distractions and get those results."

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