Andretti Global inches closer to F1 with new Silverstone facility


Andretti Global has reached another significant milestone on its journey to Formula 1 with the formal opening on Wednesday of its new 48,000 square foot facility at Silverstone Park.

Michael Andretti and F1 legend Mario Andretti proudly led the 80-person strong UK workforce of Andretti Cadillac at the inauguration.

Despite their initial entry bid being rejected by Formula 1 in January, Andretti Cadillac remains determined to join the grid in 2026.

While discussions with F1 continue behind the scenes, the team is taking concrete steps to solidify its ambitious project, and its new Silverstone facility represents its most significant commitment yet to its F1 endeavor.

The new facility will serve as the team’s UK headquarters, housing the aero department and soon to be followed by the mechanical department. An even larger, 70,000 square foot building adjacent to the new facility is also planned for future expansion.

However, Andretti Cadillac is taking a two-pronged approach, with a focus on both Europe and the United States.

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While design and race operations will be based in Silverstone, car manufacturing will be undertaken at a new facility in Fishers, Indiana, near Indianapolis.

"F1 is obviously the pinnacle of auto racing in the world,” Michael Andretti told the team’s UK staff at Wednesday’s opening.

“We're in all different types of racing series, but to be in F1 is at the top. And so that's why I think for our brand, it'd be huge.

“And it'll just complete our goal, and that is to be in every single major sporting racing event in the world. And then obviously, getting to F1 is the top of that.


“So it's a big goal, it's been a goal of ours for a few years now. And we are right there, we're going to be there. And we feel very strongly that we're going to be there.

“And we're building a fantastic team as well, this is something that's going to be unique to F1, to build a real F1 team from scratch with great brains.

“This is something that I think could catch a lot of people off-guard when we do finally get on the grid."

Andretti Global investor Dan Towriss was on hand at Silverstone to witness the opening of the team’s new UK headquarters.

The American executive, whose Group1001 insurance company sponsors Andretti in IndyCar through its Gainbridge subsidiary, underscored the importance of establishing the team’s new UK base.

"I'd say an important step is today, it's opening our facility in Silverstone,” he said. “It's also continuing to acquire the talent necessary, to have the people, the financial resources, the technical resources able to have a competitive team. And so we're assembling the resources.

“Michael and I and Mario have a few things to do behind the scenes, but we're going to take care of business there. And so while that's happening, we're continuing to build the team.”


Towriss also touched on Andretti’s collaboration with General Motors and Cadillac.

“The collaboration with General Motors is fantastic, hearing how everybody's working together, across time zones,” he said.

“Technology allows things to happen in real time, it's so exciting. And so just to continue to capitalise on that opportunity.

“We just want to keep building. This is an important step today, and we'll continue to build. We've got a facility in Fishers that's being built as well, just to make sure that we have a world-class facility for world-class people to build a world-class team.”

Michael Andretti emphasized the advantage of building an F1 team from the ground up. This allows the US outfit to implement new ideas and utilize modern approaches, potentially giving it an edge over established teams.


Overall, Andretti portrays Andretti Cadillac as a team built on innovation, strong partnerships, and a desire to create a unique and exciting story in Formula 1 history.

"I think one thing is we are building from scratch,” explained the 61-year-old team owner. “So we're building a team with new ideas.

“I think some of the old teams that you join, they're already set in their ways. And we can go and design this exactly the way we want it, and do it in a new modern way. And I think there could be a huge advantage.

“And then having as a partner GM, who is as excited as we all are about getting out there and showing their technology, when we're going to bring all that together, we'll bring in something that's really unique.

“Along with another thing that's ever been done, and I think it's going to be a big story, it's going to be an all-American team in the end, with the car being built in the US, with an American engine, American owners and eventually American drivers.

“So it's always cool to be doing something that's never been done before.”

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