Red Bull locks in F1 chief engineer Monaghan with new contract

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Long-standing Red Bull chief engineer Paul Monaghan has reportedly agreed to a new contract with the Milton Keynes-based outfit.

The move comes amidst recent news of Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey's departure from Red Bull, a loss for the team that sparked concerns about a potential talent drain.

However, the championship-winning outfit appears to be taking proactive steps to retain key technical personnel with long-term contracts.

The significance of retaining figures like Monaghan, whose contract extension was reported by, cannot be overstated.

The British engineer, a member of Red Bull Racing since its entry into F1 in 2005 following its acquisition of Jaguar, has played a crucial role in the team’s operations and has been an active part of the outfit’s seven Drivers’ and six Constructors’ title over the years.

Red Bull had already secured the future of technical director Pierre Wache, amidst interest from rivals like Ferrari. Similarly, the team also recently renewed its agreements with Enrico Balbo (Head of Aerodynamics) and Ben Waterhouse (Head of Performance Engineering).

This focus on staff retention is a strategic response to a two-fold challenge.

First, it aims to mitigate the knowledge and experience that could walk out the door with Newey's departure.

Second, it ensures continuity ahead of Formula 1’s major regulation change for 2026, requiring teams to adapt to a completely new technical landscape.

“Before it was a team effort to deliver this car and it’s not one person that delivers this car,” commented Wache at Imola last weekend.

“We are prepared to work as a team to deliver a car even if one person leaves.

“It’s a shame, even more with this type of person like Adrian who is important, but we were prepared for that for sure.

“I think it’s something we have to prove this year and next year.”

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