Stroll: Aston’s ‘young team and exciting project’ may entice Newey

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Lance Stroll believes that Aston Martin’s “young team” and “exciting project” might prove unique selling points to attract legendary designer Adrian Newey to the outfit.

The hunt for Formula 1's most coveted technical mind has intensified with multiple reports claiming that Aston Martin team owner Lawrence Stroll has stepped up his effort to secure Newey’s prized services.

Stroll Sr. offered the outgoing Red Bull engineer a private tour of Aston’s Silverstone facilities, a visit on which the team tried to keep a very tight lid by requesting staff to leave the premises before Newey’s arrival. In vain however as news of the visit was eventually leaked.

Ferrari has reportedly already held discussions with Newey, while McLaren and Mercedes have allegedly also communicated with the Briton, as well as Williams.

Asked what compelling arguments Aston could offer to entice Newey, Lance Stroll cited first and foremost a project brimming with huge potential.

“Well, you know, it's a super exciting factory,” replied the Canadian, speaking on Thursday in Barcelona.

“We have a young team, but a very exciting project. You know, wind tunnel, everything that you already know. That's very exciting about our team.”

Stroll admitted that he had no particular insight to offer regarding Aston’s potential talks with Newey.

“Well, I think everyone in this paddock wants to meet Adrian Newey,” he added.

“I hear a lot of things, mainly from you guys. I mean, last week I heard he was going to Ferrari and now he's coming to us. Next week he's going to be going to Williams! So I listen to you guys.

“But I mean, he's a legend in the sport. He has more championships than anyone in this paddock, drivers, engineers, anyone. Everyone loves Adrian and wants Adrian.”

Stroll’s teammate Fernando Alonso appeared to dismiss the reports regarding Aston and Newey as F1’s usual run-of-the-mill rumors.

“I read the rumours, I read the news,” he said in Thursday’s FIA press conference.

“But is this coming from the same source and the same website of one week ago, [saying] he was in Ferrari and [there would be] an announcement at 12 o’clock before the Canada race?”

“So yeah, rumours are rumours.”

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