Huge payout for van der Garde ?

Giedo van der Garde
© XPB 

It appears Giedo van der Garde may recieve a hefty compensation - to say the least - for relinquishing any claims over his intended Sauber race seat.

While Sauber was relieved last weekend to have Giedo van der Garde drop its case against the Swiss team and permit its regularly nominated drivers to race in Melbourne, it's emerging just how high of a price Sauber may have to pay to settle the matter permanently.

It's rumored that van der Garde may be on the verge of receiving a huge €15m payout to drop all claims the Dutch driver brought forward against the team. Needless to say, it would be a huge bonus for van de Garde but one wonders if it would not also seriously deplete Sauber's coffers at a time when the team is in dire need of resources to sustain its presence in F1.