Damon Hill peddles for HALOW, and for a good cause


Former Williams driver and 1996 world champion Damon Hill will be peddling his socks off for a good cause in April, as he'll be riding once again in support for the HALOW Project.

The charity works to create opportunities and support young people with learning disabilities. As some very well know, Damon and Georgie Hill had a very good reason to become patrons of the HALOW association.

"Our first child was born with Down's Syndrome. This means he has some learning disabilities and needs a little help to access things we all take for granted.

"Over time we have learned from some great people that treating people with learning difficulties as normally as possible is great for their development.

"Together with other parents like us we all decided to create what has become HALOW."

You can donate to the charity through the JustGiving website.

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