Magnussen admits he's prone to 'overdriving'

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New Haas F1 recruit Kevin Magnussen has said that he hopes this year's new-specification cars will help him overcome one of his main perceived areas of weakness as a Formula One driver.

According to the Dane, his driving style means that he has a tendency to overdrive the car. However he hopes that this year's new downforce and tyre regulations may help him overcome this tendency and allow him to really show what he can do.

“I'm a driver that, if I have a problem, it's most of the time because I'm overdriving,” the 24-year-old said this week. “I naturally tend to overdrive the car.

"These new cars will probably suit that better than less downforce, so yeah, I'm looking forward to it," he told a media briefing at his new team's Kannapolis, North Carolina base in the US.

“It's going to be fun to try. If our expectations are true, then they're going to be the fastest Formula 1 cars [ever] probably, so that would be exciting.”

With the new cars rumoured to be around three to five seconds per lap faster than last year's models, Magnussen is acutely aware that he'll need to be fitter than ever before to withstand the physical stresses.

"I haven't travelled anywhere, vacation or anything else. I've stayed at home to train with my fitness trainer in Denmark," he said. "That's because we don't really know how fast these cars are going to be, how physically demanding they're going to be, so you just have to prepare as hard as you can.”

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