Mosley praises Liberty's appointment of Ross Brawn

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Former FIA president Max Mosley has praised Liberty Media's decision to appoint Ross Brawn to run the sporting side of Formula One following the exit of Bernie Ecclestone as supremo.

“Ross completely understands the sport and he understands what needs to be done and he’s got an absolutely first class analytical brain,” Mosley told ITV News at last week's ZOOM Photo Auction gala in London.

“I think he’ll be an enormous asset to them," adding that it was best if Liberty left Brawn to it and concentrated on sorting out the business aspects of its new acquisition.

"That side [the sporting side] isn’t really what Liberty should be doing. Ross is outstanding so they made a good choice there."

Brawn cautioned Liberty against making wholesale changes to Formula One before it fully understands the sport's nature.

"They may be brilliant and they may have the whole thing completely thought through, on the other hand they may find more difficult than they thought," he said.

“I always imagine if somebody put me in charge of horse racing and said ‘right, you’ve got to sort that out’, it always looks easy from the outside.

"You see all the things that you think they’re doing wrong. And then when you get all the files and the dossiers put in front of you, you find out what’s really going on.”

However, he added that the sport had to evolve and shouldn't stay stuck in the past.

“Just because something’s been successful doesn’t mean it can’t be done better," he pointed out.

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