Just another Formula 1 trophy cabinet...

Mercedes trophy cabinet, Brackley

© Twitter.com / MercedesAMGF1

Mercedes has provided an inside peek into their headquarters in Northampton, including this impressive shot of the team's Formula 1 trophy case.

The photo accompanies a new The Steering Column blog entry on the Mercedes AMG F1 website. It talks about what it's like to work for a championship winning motorsports company.

"I work for a medium-sized engineering company in Northamptonshire, which ships high-tech products all round the world," the blog entry starts in playful fashion.

"There is nothing unusual about this. I could be describing one of thousands of factories and offices around the UK and beyond.

"What makes this place different is the sign that I pass as I drive into the factory each morning. The sign that reads Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team."

The article goes on to say that the job is by no means all glamour. In many ways is an office job much like any other, albeit with "an intense sense of camaraderie and shared purpose."

But the sight of that collection of trophies really does bring it home.

"It is just a job. But as I walk in through reception every morning, past Nico Rosberg's 2016 world championship winning car and a wall of trophies, I take a moment to remind myself that it's a pretty special job too..."

Wondering where Rosberg's car is? For that, you have to look up...

Nico Rosberg's 2016 title-winning car at Mercedes HQ

© Twitter.com / MercedesAMGF1

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