Verstappen takes a snow day!

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen goes skiing during the Formula 1 off-season - January 3, 2018.

© / maxverstappen1

When the weather is too cold for motor racing, Max Verstappen does what so many other Formula 1 drivers do at this time of year - and heads to the ski slopes!

It seems the preferred way for F1 stars to get their fix of speed and adrenalin at this time of year when there's just so much rain, snow and ice about in Europe and North America. Romain Grosjean and Lewis Hamilton have also been on the piste during the holidays.

Of course, their counterparts from the southern hemisphere have been enjoying some very different pursuits in the weeks since the last Grand Prix at the end of November. Verstappen's Red Bull team mate has doubtless been enjoying roasting in the summer sunshine in Australia and enjoying a Christmas barbie on the beach!

You can catch up on all the latest photos from the drivers in our special gallery of pictures showing how they spent their holidays.

And while they're doubtless busy training to get into peak fitness ahead of the new season, the drivers have still got a few weeks of free time left before the serious work of 2018 gets underway. The first test session for the new 2018-spec cars starts on February 26 at the Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona.

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