Racing lines and confusing lines at Paul Ricard

Any shot of Paul Ricard from any angle offers an immediate give away of the venue thanks to the track's strikingly characteristic run-off lines.

However, the blue and red geometrical boundaries also make for some confusing viewing when seen on TV, as many fans pointed out on social media yesterday.

But apparently, it's not only the fans that suffer from a bit of disorientation, with Lewis Hamilton himself also feeling a sense of disorder while traveling at full speed around Paul Ricard.

"It’s always a challenge when you come to a new circuit, but you’re constantly learning new things and I love the challenge of trying to get into the swing of it before everyone else,” Hamilton said on Friday.

"There’s a lot of different lines you can take and it’s tricky to find reference points out on the track.

"Apart from the colourful lines, it’s difficult to tell where you are.

"There’s a couple of places for example on the back straight where you’re trying to find out where the corner is – it’s really hard to see."

Dazed and confused, but still the fastest man out there…