McLaren boys take delivery of their new wheels

Company cars come in different forms and shapes for F1 drivers, depending on the underlying manufacturer associated with their team.

Daniel Ricciardo lost out big time in terms of mobility when he left Red Bull for Renault, trading his posh and opulent Aston Martin ride for a swift but comparatively very austere Megane RS.

Carlos Sainz on the other hand was up for an upgrade when he departed the French outfit to join McLaren. And the Spaniard has now taken delivery of his new four-wheel perk:  a dazzling gray 720S!

Sainz's team mate Lando Norris, being the rookie in the room this year, will need to make due with a papaya 570S. But that's still a lot of power, enjoyment and extravagance for a mere 19-year-old!