'It’s just a sport at the end of the day'

F1 world champion and Sky F1 consultant Damon Hill posted on social media this picture of Geri Horner offering Toto Wolff a comforting embrace, with a cheerful Christian Horner looking on.

We’ve purposefully copied and pasted here Hill’s words that accompany the photo as they eloquently and perfectly seize the meaning of the moment. There's nothing to add, so here they are:

“F1 is a battle. People get hurt. Things are said. Ego's bruised. But at the end of the day, its just a sport. Its not a war. Its not Gaza.

“We are all so lucky to be here having made it through a very tough campaign and having witnessed an astonishing demolishing of the opposition by Max, Checo and Red Bull Racing.

“So its heartening to see a bit of a moment of mirth as Gerry Horner gives Toto a consolation cuddle. Easy to laugh when you've just wiped the floor with the opposition. Harder to do when you've been royally thrashed.

“Its good to see. Well done guys. May the best team win again next year. Its how it should be. »

Nicely put, Damon.