Team Talk - Wednesday in Spielberg

Red Bull

Motor Racing - Formula One Testing - Day 2 - Spielberg, Austria

Daniel Ricciardo: “We did a lot of laps today and that included a pretty big break over lunch to make some car changes, so to get in more than 100 laps was very good. We learned a few things and we tested a lot of stuff. We had a big aero rake on the car this morning that looked like something out of ‘The Terminator’ but it’s all good information for the aero guys and will help going forward. We had a small problem at the end with the brakes but it wasn’t a major issue and we were able to get out again for one last run. I’m looking forward to Silverstone now – there are a few more corners and less straights in Silverstone [than here in Austria], so I think it should suit our car a bit better. We have some updates coming to Silverstone as well, so I hope we can take the fight to our immediate rivals.”

Guillaume Roquelin, Head of Race Engineering: “It was a pretty successful test. Day one was obviously compromised a bit by the weather but once the conditions improved we put in 80 laps in a four-hour period with no dramas. With Pierre Gasly in the car, day one was more data-driven, running a lot of background tests and the result was good. Pierre is excellent. His feedback is great, he is able slot in and do comparable lap times to the race drivers and he delivers exactly what you want. Today, with Daniel, there was lot of aero research and development, so we were running a lot of arrays and again we gathered a lot of valuable information. We had a small delay after lunch but that was planned, as we were making some changes to the car that took some time. We also had a stoppage towards the end of running but it was more spectacular than it looked and Daniel was able to go out again. Part of the aim today was to take what we had at the weekend, which was a pretty strong race for Daniel, and answer a couple of questions we had during the race. We were able to do that and we’ll go away from Austria satisfied that we’ve put in a couple of very productive days’ work.”