A (fake) Team Principal writes

Lotus F1 Racing HQ

Larry was apoplectic about the few races before the British GP saying that Bratt was refusing to come out of his room, eat his vegetables or play with the other drivers until “they let me win”.

As a result Larry said he was interested in taking a stake in team Rockbottom in a bid to haul us up the grid.

“His mother insists, and anyway I’ve bought every other goddamn team the little bastard has raced for so why should this particular bucket of crap be any different,” Larry growled.

Vlad came in the next day to sign the deal, though it was hard to recognise him as he appeared in a long raincoat with the collar turned up and was wearing a Groucho Marx nose and glasses disguise.

He signed, though, and thus, for the British Grand Prix, we were branded with the colours of the latest venture of Larry’s new wife – a fashion brand for lapdogs called ShitzU.

That didn’t really earn us a lot of time on the track, though the car is now painted a nice hot pink, which is… interesting.

However, in the week after the race we had a mysterious delivery of an uprated engine from our supplier, a new floor, a re-designed front wing and a new Chief Technical Officer.

He’s a rather frightened looking chap named Carlo, who comes from our engine suppliers. Amazingly, he cried when I showed him his new office. It’s great to see someone so thankful for a new opportunity.