Tech F1i - Monaco

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Ferrari, Red Bull, Force India, Renault, Haas, Williams and McLaren – had more tweaks and evolutions up their sleeves in Monaco, while teams also had to revamp their rear jacking point designs following an FIA request made on safety grounds. As for Sauber, the Swiss outfit unleashed the full upgrade it had initially planned for Barcelona two weeks earlier.


In Monaco, Renault, Red Bull, and Force India became the latest and last teams to add a T-wing to their 2017-spec chargers. As a reminder, Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams, and Haas have been running the element since the season-opening grand prix in Melbourne, while McLaren, Toro Rosso, and Sauber followed suit across the following races.

It did not come as a surprise to see T-wings spring around the tight and twisty streets of the Principality because the device creates aerodynamic load (without generating too much drag), which is key in Monte Carlo.

Renault and Force India went for a three-plane setup, which increases downforce all the while strengthening the shark fin thanks to its three mounting points. Red Bull, for its part, settled for a design similar to what can be found on the Mercedes W08.

It’s also worth noticing that Haas switched to a two-plane setup, which left Toro Rosso as the only team running a single-plane T-wing.