Make F1 more physical - Webber

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Mark Webber says Formula One needs to be made more physical to challenge the drivers if it wants to remain as the pinnacle of motorsport.

One of the criticisms labelled at the new generation of F1 car is that they are too easy to drive, with cornering speeds lowered due to less downforce and drivers often keen to preserve tyres. Speaking to F1i's Eric Silbermann during an exclusive interview about the state of the sport, Webber says not enough has been done to challenge drivers when they reach F1.

“It’s just a shame they haven’t found the right balance,” Webber said. “Probably the best thing they’ve done in the last 5 years is to add some sparks! There needs to be more of a physical component and more reward for guys who’ve been more disciplined in that area.

"In tennis, I don’t think Roger Federer wants to have the net lowered. Drivers need to be stimulated. I mean I didn’t have the talent of some of the guys I was racing with, which is why I only got the results I did, but the guys that have got more talent were not happy.

"Michael (Schumacher) was very disappointed when he made his comeback: Yeah, he wasn’t at his peak but clearly he was disappointed that the racing wasn’t the way it had been.”

And Webber says his view is shared by a number of drivers currently racing in F1.

“I’m talking on behalf of the drivers at the front of the grid because they can’t say what they really feel. But I’m talking to them now."

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