Alonso set for race penalty after engine change

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Fernando Alonso is set for a penalty during the Austrian Grand Prix after changing a number of engine components.

The Spaniard has a new internal combustion engine (ICE), turbocharger and MGU-H, all of which will be the fifth of each component to be used on his car this season. As a driver is limited to four of each part, Alonso will be hit with penalties for each change.

The first change carries a 10-place grid penalty, with each subsequent part which is replaced carrying a 5-place penalty. As a result, Alonso is set to be hit with a 20-place grid penalty after qualifying in Austria. With just 20 cars on the grid in 2015, such a penalty is impossible to take - with pole position to 20th being a drop of 19 places - so Alonso will receive a penalty in the race for any unused grid positions on the following scale:

  • 1-5 unused grid positions = 5 second time penalty
  • 6-10 unused grid positions = 10 second time penalty
  • 10-20 unused grid positions = drive-through penalty

Alonso is also set to take a new MGU-K for this weekend's race, but as it will be the third new unit he has used this season, the change doesn't lead to a penalty.

Daniel Ricciardo is also set to take a fifth ICE this weekend and will be hit with a 10-place grid penalty following tomorrow's qualifying session.

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