Ferrari seeking best start average

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Ferrari technical director James Allison says the team is hoping to have the best average start performance across this season.

Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen both got impressive starts at the Hungarian Grand Prix, allowing them to run first and second by Turn 3 on the opening lap. While Mercedes has struggled with its starts at the last two races - also being jumped by Williams at Silverstone - drivers will receive less aid from their teams with regards to the start procedure from this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix onwards.

Asked about the importance of race starts ahead of the new regulations, Allison replied: "They are incredibly important.

"We do work very well at them. The variability through the year you seek to minimise, but it is a reality that all teams have. What you hope for at the end of the year is that you have the best batting average, that you have on average done the best starts of all the guys on the grid.

"We now face the challenge in Spa onwards that the fact the starts are going to change a little and working out how we respond to make sure that our start procedure, well the drivers’ start procedure, with whatever we can do to help within what is now permitted, to give them as competitive a start as they can have."

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