Eau Rouge kerb removed at Spa

© XPB 

The FIA has removed a new kerb added at Eau Rouge ahead of qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix.

With cars able to cut part of the left hander at Radillon - at the top of the climb out of Eau Rouge - a larger kerb was installed at the apex to deter drivers. However, concerns were raised at the driver's briefing due to the corner being blind as cars climb sharply uphill.

Following a number of incidents in GP2 and GP3 which saw cars becoming momentarily airborne having hit the kerb, the FIA has now announced the kerb has been removed ahead of Saturday's running.

Having made the change, the FIA will now police whether drivers cut any part of the corner in order to gain an advantage.

"Following the driver's meeting yesterday ... the orange kerb on the apex of Turn 4 has been removed," technical director Charlie Whiting wrote in a note to the teams.

"Further to the discussion in the meeting, and as a result of the change to the kerb in Turn 4, a report will only be made to the stewards if a driver has exceeded the track limits (principally but not limited to the areas behind the kerbs in turns 4 and 15) and is suspected of gaining an advantage from doing so."

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