Verstappen believes brake failure cost him a podium

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Max Verstappen's Bahrain Grand Prix ended prematurely after just 11 laps, when a rear brake failure sent the Red Bull flying off the track.

Verstappen crashed out in turn 4, running over the gravel trap and ending up making contact with the tyre barrier. Verstappen wasn't hurt in the incident.

Up to that point, Verstappen had been happy with how things had been going. He got the better of his team mate Daniel Ricciardo through the first corner, and stopped Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen from getting past him in turn.

“I had a good start," Verstappen recalled. "Kimi struggled a bit off the line so I passed him straight away. Then I went round the outside at turn one and overtook Daniel which put me in a good position.

Over the opening stint of the race, the top six were closely packed. They were all running within DRS range of the car in front, even if none of them were able to get past.

"I could keep up with the leaders," Verstappen said. "The car was performing really well on the tyres and the pace was good."

When Sebastian Vettel decided to pit from second place, Verstappen followed suit - but moments later went flying off the track.

"I think we made the right call with the pit stop to try and undercut the two Mercedes," he insisted. "We would have ended up second behind Sebastian at that point.

"But then the rear brakes failed on lap 12.

"It was race over," he sighed. "Basically lost the rear brakes as soon as I hit the pedal. The pedal went really long and I couldn't brake any more.

"These things are all a part of racing," he continued. "There are definitely positives to take away from today.

"The car was working a lot better here than the previous two races so it’s just an unfortunate ending. We could have scored some really good points.”

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