Stroll: You can't speed up F1's learning process


On the eve of Spanish Grand Prix, his fifth F1 race, Williams' Lance Stroll insists he is still learning the ropes of Formula 1.

The 18-year-old rookie finished his first race of the season in Sochi a fortnight ago after a troubled start marked by a few costly mistakes

But the Canadian, which has been labeled by some as a mere 'pay-driver', remains calm and composed, convinced of his ability to perform when he keeps it all together.
"When everything comes together, the gap is not so great," Stroll told Germany's Auto Motor und Sport.

"But with his experience, Felipe (Massa) knows how to get the maximum from the car. I'm still learning that.

"But the more I try, the better I understand how the car responds," Stroll added.

"At the moment, everything is new and there is so much more to consider than just driving. But I knew already what to expect.

"And the challenge is fun, even if it's sometimes difficult and frustrating," he explained.

"It was the same in Formula 3. The start was not easy, but in the second season you know the tracks and what is expected.

"Now I'm starting again from zero and I have to acquire all of that knowledge. Unfortunately it's not a process I can speed up."

Despite the deriding remarks about his father's fortune putting him where he is today and fans criticizing his perform to date, Stroll isn't succumbing to pressure.

"They don't see what happens behind the scenes. I always know why the gap is there. I don't read what is written anyway, because they don't know the whole picture."

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