Vandoorne gets to the bottom of his issues


McLaren's power unit and reliability issues notwithstanding, Stoffel Vandoorne believes he has not performed in line with expectations since the season kicked off in Australia.

The Belgian rookie has struggled to remain in the wake of his illustrious team mate, Fernando Alonso, and was a also a victim of a few of his own mistakes, like in Barcelona two weeks ago when he collided with Felipe Massa.

The mishap will put him back three spots on Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix grid.

But Vandoorne has since put his head down and addressed his issues with the team, and is confident an upturn in his performance is around the corner.

"I think everything is kind of coming together," said Vandoorne in Monaco.

"I had some good meetings with the team last week, and we understand what is going on, so I think this weekend, hopefully we'll see some results from that.

"I had a positive feeling about it and I'm really looking forward to getting the weekend started.

"I think in all the previous series I've raced in, I've had some times where I was struggling as well and where I've had to get the team together and we've had to find a bit of a solution.

"And I've always been confident to get on top of that and this is the same way I feel about it now, is that it won't be long before everything will work out."

Vandoorne insisted that his problems were for the major part centered around building a productive relationship with his engineers when the information flows efficiently both ways.

"I think it's more the work I do with the engineers, trying to build a bit of a personal relationship with your engineers and really trying to understand each other, what specifically you need from the car.

"And I think we've moved along quite a bit. And hopefully we'll start seeing some positive results of that.

"The lack of [mileage in] winter testing definitely hasn't helped to go a bit through that process as well, but I think it's normal, when you get to a competitive world like Formula 1, it needs a little bit of time to get to grips with the people around you."


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