Grosjean vows to change approach to brake issues

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It seems like Romain Grosjean has been battling brake issues forever, the problem being a recurrent theme which continues to unsettle the Frenchman.

While the Haas F1 Team continues to work on putting the issue to rest, collaborating alternatively with suppliers Brembo and Carbon Industrie, Grosjean himself admits that ultimately he must adapt to the frustrating conundrum.

"To be fair, I don't want to speak about brakes anymore," said Grosjean last weekend.

"I just need to be better in those conditions and improve myself. There are things behind the scenes but I'm not blaming anything.

"The brake feeling has been terrible all weekend long but Kevin's got the same comment and he can drive around [it], that's why I'm saying I don't want to blame anything."

"When the brake feeling is terrible, I need to find a way that I can work with it.

"When they're great, that's my strongest point in racing, braking very late, very hard and turning the car with the brakes. When I cannot do that, then I just need to find more tools."

Team mate Kevin Magnussen has apparently found those tools as the Dane isn't voicing the same concerns as Grosjean.

Team boss Guenther Steiner believes the divergence stems from a difference in driving styles between the two drivers.

"Romain maybe brakes later and harder and then turns, and maybe Kevin brakes into it and turns already, so maybe it's easier to feel the brake.

"I'm not a race car driver so for me I just can see it from data and my experience what people do, but that is what my gut feeling, a different driving style - and therefore Kevin can drive around it a little bit more."

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