F1's Carey slams BRDC 'posturing' over British GP plight


Chase Carey regrets that the BRDC did not give mediation a chance before activating the break clause associated with its British GP contract.

Silverstone's owners predictably triggered the clause, unable to assume the financial burden linked with the showcase event going forward.

Formula 1 boss Chase Carey, while sympathetic to Silverstone's plight, regrets the move, and the BRDC's very public attitude,  and insists he would have preferred extending talks behind  closed doors.

"This seems to be a sport that likes to posture in public — I’m not sure why," Carey has told The Evening Standard.

"My method is to have the strongest relationship by doing things in private and then explain in public why you did it.

"Our preference would have been to have a quiet conversation to talk about ways to go forward. It is a sport that loves to negotiate in public: to talk first and act second.

"Bernie might have had some of the best of the one-liners, but there are plenty of others in the sport competing with him. There is a lot of message planting and positioning"

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