Hulkenberg and Magnussen locked in verbal spat!

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Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen went for each other's throat in a contentious post-Hungarian GP exchange in front of the media.

The Renault and Haas drivers were locked in a tight battle just outside the top ten  in the latter part of the race with Hulkenberg  shadowing the Dane's every move but unable to gain the upper hand.

Eventually, with just nine laps to go, Hulkenberg attempted a pass on the outside of Turn 2 only to be pushed wide by Magnussen.

While the former ultimately retired from the race after losing ground, the Haas driver was handed a 5-second penalty for his ill-inspired move, dropping him to 13th at the checkered flag.

As drivers grouped around the media pen Hulkenberg confronted the Dane, mocking and congratulating him for being "once again the most unsporting driver".

Magnussen quipped back with a gracious "Suck my balls, honey!"

Speaking more seriously shortly later on, Hulkenberg labeled his rival as "just nasty".

"I congratulated him for most unsporting driver of the whole grid once again," Hulkenberg told NBC.

" When it comes to racing, he's just nasty. Hard defending is fine but when he does this, it's just ruthless and sending people into the wall.

"What he did there, opening up the steering, making me run wide, it's just being an a**hole basically.

"We had really nice words, he said [suck my balls], that was his return, so it's quite interesting with him, yeah."

Hulkenberg  had actually clashed with Romain Grosjean at the start, forcing the Frenchman wide on the exit of Turn 1, much to both Haas' drivers' dismay.

Witnessing the action from behind, Magnussen radioed in to his team to remark on the Hulk's antics.

"I mean, if you can do what Hulkenberg did to Romain, then it's going to be a dirty race," said the Dane.

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