'Heart over mind' decision leaves Hamilton in conflict

Lewis Hamilton-Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton believes he did the right thing at the end of yesterday's Hungarian Grand Prix, but he also knows his decision is one that could come back to haunt him.

While relinquishing his third place position to team mate Valtteri Bottas was on the surface a simple case of sportsmanship and equity, deeper down radiated an inner conflict for Hamilton, fueled by the knowledge that  "I don't think I'll ever get back those three points."

"The mind is more cut-throat and 'every point counts and this is do or die'," explained the three time world champion.

"But it showed I am a man of my word and also that I am a team player. I am just as much a part of the team as anyone in it. It shows unity."

Hamilton drew upon a charitable value to justify - perhaps more to himself than to anyone else - a a worthy move, especially by F1's cut-throat standards.

"In life, if you do good things, good things come back to you so hopefully globally as a team in our good doing it will pay dividends," said the Mercedes driver.

Still, a conflict lingers. Three points in such a tight battle, against such a formidable opponent as Sebastian Vettel, may prove to be a high price to pay at the end of the season for 'team unity'.

"I lose the world championship, I don't know what I would say then if it is by three points or in that vicinity. But as I said I want to win it the right way."

"In my mind I want to win the championship the right way," Hamilton said.

"I don't know whether that will come back to bite me in the backside or not but I said at the beginning of the year I want to win it the right way and I do think today was the right way to do things.

"We have given up a lot of points up to today," Hamilton concluded.

"Ferrari have given up a lot less as a team. We just hope we don't give up any more points."

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