Grosjean tired of NASCAR-style antics in F1

Hungarian GP Race 30/07/17
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Romain Grosjean is fed up with NASCAR-style antics in F1, pointing to Nico Hulkenberg's move on him at the start of the Hungarian GP.

The Haas driver says that he intends to speak to FIA race director Charlie Whiting in Spa at the end of August and seek clarification on the limits to wheel-to-wheel racing. 

Grosjean was on the receiving end of a muscled move by Renault's Nico Hulkenberg on the opening lap in Hungary. The German driver was later involved in an on-track, and off-track, spat with Grosjean's team mate Kevin Magnussen who ran the Renault wide at Turn 2 late in the race.

The move yielded a 5-second penalty for the Dane.

"It was a big hit and I went pretty high in the air," Grosjean told, describing his first lap encounter with the Hulk.

"He had lots of space on the inside, but he locked things up.

"I don't see the difference between Nico and Verstappen, to be fair. Again, the stewards' consistency is a bit strange.

"It was Turn 1 – but Spa-Francorchamps in 2012 was Turn 1, and we can't do whatever we want. Turn 1, lap two, lap 10, it's the same thing. You can't run over another car."

"Magnussen raced! It's hard, and I do appreciate it's very hard.

"But with Kevin there wasn't even contact with Hulkenberg. Nico hit me, Kevin did not hit Nico, he just pushed him very, very wide."

Grosjean feels that F1 needs to have a clear definition of what is allowed , or not. 

"It's come up before, and I went to see Charlie after that briefing because there was some great racing between Vettel and Verstappen in the last race, but it was off track and coming back, so I said what can we do?

"We want racing, but we don't want wheel-banging, we're not in NASCAR."

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