Todt: 'We make too much noise about the noise'

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FIA President Jean Todt believes F1 technology needs to remain relevant to the automotive industry in the future.

Todt's stance runs counterpoint to F1's apparent approach to its future, with the sport's top brass inclined to reduce Grand Prix racing's relevancy to the road car industry.

F1 sporting manager Ross Brawn says the sport's future will retain a relevant road-car component, linked to hybrid technology, but will mostly cater to the fans requirements centered around entertaining sights and sounds.

With regard to pumping up F1's volume however, Jean Todt believes the issue has been given too much importance.

"We make too much noise about the noise,” said the FIA President in an interview with the Financial Times.

And on F1's road car relevancy, the Frenchman isn't giving up much ground.

"You have thousands of people who die because they cannot breathe . . . it’s not F1 carbonisation or pollution which is killing [people], but we have a responsibility because we are visible."

As Ross Brawn builds up his team of experts and consults with teams and manufacturers to decide the sport's future direction, F1 appears to be taking its destiny in its own hands, regardless of the FIA's own posture.

Was F1 therefore asserting its authority over the governing body, Todt was asked?

"Why should I be unhappy about them creating a structure which will allow us to be more efficient together?"he asks.

"As long as the FIA is able to exercise its duty."

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