Williams determined to fight Force India for fourth - Lowe


Williams is resolute on catching and passing Force India in the Constructors' championship despite its current deficit, says tech boss Paddy Lowe.

Williams trails its pink rival in the standings by a substantial 60 points, a result of the Grove-based outfit inconsistent performance this season.

But  Lowe feels the second half of year holds promise for Williams, and overhauling Force India is its target.

"We won't give up on that," insists Lowe.

"I think we can be very strong at some other races this year, hopefully some of the ones coming up, and we'll aim to get better at exploiting the performance with points which we've also not been great at doing in the first half.

"First half term report is we 'could do better' -- could do a lot better. We'll go back to the second half with that mentality of trying to do that."

Williams trialed a few changes in the mechanical and aero department in this week's in-season test in Hungary.

The team's FW40 has consistently under-performed at high downforce venues, so work is now centered on improving its weakness in this area.

"There's a pretty clear pattern," he added. "We're not performing as we should at what you would call the max downforce circuits.

"Those are Monaco, Hungary and Singapore. But I'm never one to give up before I've got there. So we'll see what we can do before Singapore.

"There are some fairly significant bits that we're trying," continued Lowe.

"We're doing some interesting bits of R&D. Some are relevant for this year, but some are things we need to learn and understand for next year.

There's some important work going on, actually. It's a set of experiments, that's the best way to put it, which is how we always conduct our testing.

"Where that leaves us in terms of what we take racing is a downstream consideration."

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