Monza sets the standards for race promoters - Bratches


Formula 1's commercial boss Sean Bratches believes the Italian Grand Prix at Monza should serve as a template for the sport's race promoters.

Formula 1 revealed that a record crowd estimated at 185,000 spectators attended last weekend's event over the course of four days

The number was a 32.8 percent increase overย  the race's 2016 figures and a 15.7 percent improvement over 2000, the last record-breaking Italian GP.

"It's the first time I've attended the Italian Grand Prix and I was amazed by the incredible passion of the crowd, which had come to Monza from all corners of the globe," said Sean Bratches.

"The record numbers confirm just how much Formula 1 captures people's imagination.

"I would like to say a special thank you to everyone who sat out in the grandstands in the pouring rain on Saturday, waiting for the track conditions to improve enough for F1 qualifying and the F2 race to be run.

"This passion is a great incentive to work harder still to put on an even better show for the fans who follow this sport all over the world."

Bratches said Monza sets an example for F1's promoters, only a handful of which are true, dedicated promoters.

"I think there's some inherent wind behind our sails in Monza. But our intention is to create an overlay for our promoters, to help them activate,"ย Bratchesย told

"By definition a promoter should be promoting, and I think we have to encourage more of that.

"We have 20 promoters, but only four or five are truly promoters โ€“ the rest are car enthusiast groups or governments.

"We're trying to bring everybody up to a standard, and Monza is something that should be looked at in a favourable light."

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