Felipe Massa wants some love from Williams


Felipe Massa says he needs to feel wanted by Williams to stay on with the Grove-based outfit for another campaign in F1 in 2018.

The Brazilian went through a revolving door last year when he initially retired from the sport only to be convinced by Williams to come back when 2016 team mate Valtteri Bottas suddenly moved to Mercedes.

Williams is currently weighing its options on the driver front, but is compelled to employ at least one over the age of 25 to satisfy requirements from sponsor Martini.

Massa is open to signing on for another year but does not want to be considered as a last resort solution.

"I'm interested to stay if I think everything around is correct for me to stay - what is the plan for the team, what are the ideas for next year," said Massa.

"And the team needs to show that they want to have me inside.  If I see that, maybe I stay. If I don't see that, I don't stay.

"I need to carry on the position I always try to have, and I always have, to be honest.  And I think that's what I'm looking forward to next year. "

While he believes he is performing well this year, Massa expected better results. The 36-year-old doesn't see many suitable alternatives on the market for Williams however. 

"The most important thing is how I feel in the car," said Massa.

"I feel really good in the car, quite competitive in the way I'm driving. Unfortunately I was a little bit unlucky in three races - Russia I was sixth [then] I had a puncture, I had to stop, I finished ninth.

"In Barcelona I had a fantastic start - I passed two cars, even Perez, and then I touched with Fernando in the first corner and then I had a puncture.

"Perez finished fourth, my pace was similar to his pace, so I could finish fourth, because I was in front in that race.

"And Baku everybody knows what happened, I had a problem in the car, and it was a race that I could even win.

"In the end I was really unlucky in these three races. But I was really happy with my performance. I'm happy with the way I'm driving, I'm happy with the way I'm working, I'm happy with the way I'm understanding the car.

"And this is what gives you more motivation."