Absurd F1 grid penalty system could get worse in 2018!

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The FIA has further reduced the number of allowed F1 engine components for next year, a restriction which could potentially worsen the impact of the sport's ridiculous grid penalty system.

The number of internal combustion units (ICE), turbochargers and MGU-Hs allocated over the course of the 21-race season is dropped from four to three.

But the limit of use associated with the MGU-K, energy stores and control electronics is reduced from four to just two elements!

Needless to say, if Formula 1's current grid penalty system remains in force next season, it could once again wreak havoc on drivers' starting positions.

Monza's recent absurd - and widely decried - tally of 150 grid penalties could become a regular occurrence in the latter part of next year.

As a reminder, based on this year's four-component limit, eight drivers - including all those powered by a Renault or Honda engine - have already exceeded this year's limit of four elements of each allocated component.

The FIA, along with F1's Strategy Group, are being pushed to address F1's grid penalty system which was initially introduced as a means to reduce costs following the introduction of hybrid engines in Grand Prix racing. An alternative solution has yet to be tabled however.

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