McLaren can make 'massive gain' in 2016 - Button

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Jenson Button says McLaren can make a "massive gain" in 2016 as Honda can deliver improvements with its energy recovery system.

Following discussions regarding next season, Button signed a contract extension to remain with McLaren in 2016 having been convinced the team will make major improvements. With the Honda energy recovery system [ERS] being a key weakness so far this season, Button says he has been assured it an area which can be significantly improved on next year's power unit.

"As far as I know - I’m not a fully qualified engineer - but I think that’s the easier issue to solve over the winter," Button said. "It’s not something you can do in season but it is something we can do over the winter, to improve the deployment and how long we are able to deploy for.

"That is a massive step -- deployment is 160 horsepower, so as soon as you lose that and everyone else has got it that’s 160 horsepower plus what else you’re losing with the [internal combustion engine]. That will be a massive gain if we can find time there, more than the race situation than in qualifying, but it’s an area we do need to work on and we understand that.

"Going to circuits that it’s been hurting us quite a lot; these are very long circuits with long straights. It’s the same here. Qualifying is fine but then the race is very difficult. We go to circuits like Austin and Brazil and it’s a lot better, but still it hurts us, so that’s an area we are working a lot in."

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