Magnussen: 'Just let us fight our battles!'

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Haas' Kevin Magnussen believes drivers - including himself - are handed too many penalties in Formula 1, describing the lack of leniency as "nonsense".

The Dane has found himself on the receiving end of his peers' criticism after run-ins with Nico Hulkenberg, Fernando Alonso and others.

The former publicly confronted the Haas driver in Hungary after Magnussen had run the Hulk wide during the race. Accusing him of an unsportsmanlike attitude, K-Mag responded with the now famous "Suck my balls, honey!"

Alonso also struggled with the Dane's uncompromising attitude last Sunday, quipping over the radio that Hulkenberg was right, "Magnussen is an idiot"!

But the Haas driver isn't making any excuses for his on-track conduct and believes there is generally too much interference from the stewards.

"People must not think that the highway is more dangerous than what we do," he told Germany's Sport Bild.

"On the track, we have too many rules. Clearly we need rules, but not every single manoeuvre (should be) questioned," he insists.

"The fact that you are not allowed to push anyone out of the track on a straight line is reasonable," Magnussen explained.

"But there is a lot of stuff that is complete nonsense. They should just let us fight our battles on the track."

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