Vettel hails uncomplicated Raikkonen as 'best team mate ever'

Ferrari team mates Kimi Raikkonen (FIN) and Sebastian Vettel (D

Sebastian Vettel believes Kimi Raikkonen's dismissive and uncomplicated nature makes him the best team mate the German driver has ever had in his F1 career.

For some in F1, Raikkonen is as uncommunicative as they come. But the Finn's simple and straightforward persona also reflects his complete disinterest in playing any games.

And when it comes to co-existing with a team mate, Vettel values the Iceman's uncomplicated approach to racing.

"Obviously it makes it a lot easier if you have somebody who you are working with that you feel the respect," the German told

"You know, many times people tend to make things much more complicated than they are, especially in Formula 1, so it’s good if you can work with somebody where there are no politics or no confusions or anything.

"In this regard, Kimi is probably the best teammate that I had. He is pretty straightforward, but I also got along well with Daniel [Ricciardo]."

Vettel's relationship with Mark Webber however, during their years together at Red Bull Racing, was at times a complicated affair.

"With Mark, obviously at times we had our differences," Vettel admits.

"Also I have to say we were different generations, so we probably from the start were not that close. But that is how it is."

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