Haas now wants to see 'concrete plans' from Formula 1


Gene Haas likes what he's seen and heard so far from Liberty Media, but the team owner now wants action to supersede words.

For the owner of the eponymous Haas F1 Team, there's no doubt that F1's management can talk the talk, but they now need to walk the walk when it comes to the sport's financial future.

"I think everything's positive but I think now we want to see some concrete plans," Haas told Motorsport.com.

"What are they going to do? They've obviously introduced two more races next year, and that's good. They've said a lot of things, and now it's which ones are actually going to be backed.

"It would certainly make the teams a lot more comfortable to know exactly what to expect, rather than keep hoping that what we're going to get actually comes true."

Haas has never hid the fact that he is a big supporter of a budget cap in F1, as its introduction would definitely help the smaller teams' bottom line.

"I think it benefits us the most, because we're one of the smaller teams, and any kind of budget cap means the bigger guys are going to spend less," he said.

"There's something there, you can't keep having one team dominate year after year. There has to be some equalisation there somehow so that the teams in the back at least have a chance in hell of winning once in a while.

"I think the budget cap is something they can do before a new Concorde Agreement, so if everybody agrees to that, it looks promising."

However, with regard to a more equitable distribution of F1's income, Haas is under no illusion: the front-running teams won't like and they'll likely battle the smaller teams with all their might.

"They're going to squeal like pigs, I guarantee you on that one!," he said.

"We're not going to see that part of the equation at all. We're looking at the crumbs, so if we've get a few more crumbs our way, we'll be happy with that.

"We know we're the new guys on the block, but we're kind of hopeful that the pendulum will swing our way. But so far nothing really major has happened."

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