Brundle - A choice between the right F1 rules and extinction

Martin Brundle
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Former F1 driver and Sky commentator Martin Brundle says the time has come for Formula 1 to level the playing field with the right set of rules or risk extinction.

As the sport defines its path to a future beyond 2020 when the current regulation platform expires, some teams already appear at odds with the latest engine rules proposal tabled by Formula 1's managers.

Writing in his post-GP column for Sky Sports, Brundle wonders if the teams are fully aware of what is at stake with regard to the future of Grand Prix racing, and urges the sport's owners to level the playing field once and for all.

"Teams need protecting from themselves because they don't seem to realise that a fragile grid of horrendously expensive cars in effectively three classes can only lead to extinction," says Brundle.

"There should be at least 24 reasonably matched cars from 12 teams on the grid who all make a sustainable profit and are building a valuable franchise.

"There's already enough money in the system to do that.

"Let me simplify that even more. Give us 24 well-matched, visually and aurally scary F1 cars with the fastest, bravest young drivers and we'll give you copious trackside fans and an audience.

"All the tools are there, please deploy them."

Looking back, Brundle believes the end of the Ecclestone/Mosley era in 2009 only fortified the presence and influence of manufacturers in F1.

"I think once Bernie lost Max Mosley from his side, the teams and especially the manufacturers became too strong thereafter, and we've ended up with an F1 today which is not as engaging as it needs to be in a fast-changing media, sporting and technical world, and is far from future-proof," he added.

"It's time to make up the right rules for F1 with a more level playing field, the right finances so we ensure the fastest and not the richest kids are filling every seat, and a mix of iconic and historic venues along with accessible and dramatic new tracks.

"All at a price the fans can justify."


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