Villeneuve: 'A slower team mate would help Stroll'


Jacques Villeneuve was left unimpressed by Lance Stroll's performance last Sunday, saying his countryman's pace has failed to improve in the latter part of the season.

The 19-year-old spent the better part of his afternoon at Interlagos lingering at the bottom tier of the field, thanks in part to a down-on-power engine but also to a flat-spotted tyre which eventually delaminated and forced him into an extra stop.

After a difficult start to his maiden F1 season, Stroll was seen as just another rich kid who earned his place at the pinnacle of motorsport thanks to his fashion mogul father’s billions.

Labeled 'the worst rookie in F1 history' by Jacques Villeneuve, Stroll weathered the storm and gradually improved his performance at the start of the summer on the back of a points-scoring finish at his home race in Montreal.

An outstanding run in Baku yielded a spot on the podium and permanently shut down his detractors. More points were on the cards in Italy, Singapore, Malaysia and Mexico.

Yet in the critical eyes of Jacques Villeneuve, his performance is no longer trending higher.

"You can't just look at the points, you have to look at the pace. We haven't really seen an improvement," the 1997 world champion told Autosport.

"Something has to happen during the winter because he's been better than that in the other categories.

Asked how Stroll could improve, Villeneuve half-jokingly offered a compelling solution.

"Have a slower team-mate. He needs to find a way to go faster," he said.

"He needs to figure something out. Maybe a new team-mate will be helpful."

The good Mr. Villeneuve could very well be the right man for the job!

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