McLaren's Boullier: 'Three-engine limit goes too far!'


McLaren race director Eric Boullier says that next year's three-engine rule goes too far, insisting it "it isn't Formula 1 anymore".

As the sport persists with its theoretical cost reduction efforts, teams will be forced to compose with just three complete units for the entire 21-race schedule in 2018, or incur penalties.

Red Bull Racing's Christian Horner has lobbied to have the rule changed, but  so far has faced staunch opposition from Ferrari in particular.

McLaren's Boullier has lent his support however to Horner's efforts.

"For me, it is going too far," the Frenchman told

"Too far also because it is not Formula 1 anymore.

"I am not saying we need 12 engines per race weekend, like 20 years ago. But with three engines per season, where is the technology appeal?

"The other thing is the costs – it has gone the other way. To go less and less and less, it costs a massive amount of money for the engine manufacturers to make it more reliable.

"So, this money is going to be back in the system, and it doesn't help to make a cheaper deal."

On the back of a season riddled with silly grid penalties, Boullier fears next year's campaign could be even worse in terms of ridiculous grid drops.

"Will it be worse next year? We expose ourselves to something even worse. Less engines. Less electronic parts."

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