F1 'must respect efforts of current manufacturers', says Todt

Jean Todt, FIA president

Newly re-elected FIA president Jean Todt says he's not a fan of Formula 1's current hi-tech hybrid engine specifications.

"If you ask me what I feel about the engine, it has been one interesting exercise," said Todt. "[But] I think it is too complicated.

"It is too expensive," he added. "But it is probably a very good first step to go to a next generation of engine, which will be one evolution from what we have now."

However, Todt said that he was against extensively changing the rules just to attract new manufacturers into the sport after 2020.

"I am against starting on a completely new development of engine," he said. "I think we should take what we have understood with this engine.

"It is important in light of the existing situation to see what will be the best evolution of the engine for the future."

Formula 1's new owners have laid out plans for changes to the engines specifications. The idea is to make them simpler, cheaper and with more standardised parts. But Todt said this could end up being unfair to the existing manufacturers.

He insisted that Formula 1 could only move forward by "respecting the investments of those who have made the investments so far."

"The actual manufacturers who have been investing heavily [should] be able to enjoy what they have been investing for the next generation of engine."

"What I feel would be unfair would be to undervalue the existing engine suppliers involved, and listen [disproportionately] to those who may think they will come."

The 71-year-old was unopposed in the election held at last week's FIA General Assembly in Paris. He said it was a "validation" of the direction the FIA had taken under his leadership.

Todt said that his a third consecutive term as FIA president was the result of trust.

"The FIA community was happy with the candidate and wanted me to continue," Todt told broadcaster RTBF.

"At first, they knew me by what I had done in my career, and now trust is acquired.

"Over the years, we have got to know each other, worked together, talked and communicated," Todt added. "Today we have a community that is united."

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