Ricciardo weighs in on the great 'grid girls' debate

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In our current day and age of social mutation and gender divide, Formula 1's management is considering ending the use of grid girls at Grand Prix events.

F1 sporting manager Ross Brawn says the topic, which he labeled as "delicate", is under "strong review" as the sport ponders whether the 'grid girl' tradition should be perceived as outdated in our increasingly progressive world.

Grid girls stand in the direct line of sight of F1's drivers, and Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo hopes they'll retain their stance.

"It's kind of like part of the attraction of the sport, fast cars and fast girls," the Aussie says mischievously.

"It is more a male dominated sport, not saying there's no room for females, but there is more men in the paddock than women.

"I just think the grid girls has always been a nice little cool thing for everyone. So yeah, I would like to keep them. Let's keep them!"

Max Verstappen is on the same page as his Red Bull Racing team mate, believing "the grid girls must stay".

As for Renault's Nico Hulkenberg, a man particularly sensitive to aesthetics in F1 as his negative comments on the Halo safety device attest, he also wants the lovely women to remain at the front his car next year.

"It would be a pity if they took the eye-jewellery from the grid," he said.

"What will come next year instead? Halo? Oh dear..."