F1 social media growth outpaces any other sport in 2017!


Formula 1's social media outlets enjoyed a massive year of growth in 2017 as Liberty Media took hold of the sport and initiated its digital efforts.

According to The Formula One Group, F1's user growth saw 11.9 million people follow the sport on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, a 54.9% rise compared to the previous year.

The boost on social media outpaced the growth of Formula E, the Champions League, the NFL or the NBA.

It's worth noting however that the 2017 metrics were likely fairly easy to achieve for F1 given its relative lack of presence on social media during the Ecclestone era, and the triviality with which the former F1 supremo considered the digital platforms.

Furthermore, F1 is still in its infancy when it comes to the internet and at the tail end of the sports spectrum in terms of total followers on social media compared to the Champions League, the NBA or Britain's Premier League.

Formula 1's television audience also trended higher in 2017, growing by 6.2% in the sport's 20 largest markets.

Unsurprisingly, ratings in Italy grew by 19.1%, thanks to Ferrari's from while China (42.2%), Switzerland (14.3%), Denmark (14.1%) and Brazil (13.4%) also enjoyed a significant rise in viewership.

The Formula One Group announced that 352.3 million unique viewers watched F1 programming at least once last year.

The number however has been in a down trend since 2010, but stabilised in 2017. Brazil remains F1's biggest single TV market with 76 million viewers.

Ratings could take a hit this year however as the land that produced Emerson Fittipaldi, Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet won't have a driver on the grid for the first time in decades following Felipe Massa's retirement.

F1 commercial boss Sean Bratches says Liberty is "encouraged by the growth in audience numbers across linear and digital platforms".

"Central to our efforts last season was to improve the fan experience across our platforms and it is encouraging to see the engagement that fans around the world have with Formula 1 media.

"Our work continues as Formula 1 fans will see material changes in 2018 with respect to both incumbent experiences and the creation of new ones. It is a good time to be a Formula 1 fan."

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