Carey warns Ferrari: 'The interests of the fans come first!'

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Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey says that when it comes to the interests of the sport's fans, Liberty Media's stance is 'non-negotiable' for the teams, even for Ferrari.

Formula 1 and its constituents are facing a crucial few months ahead as discussions heat up on the political front.

Liberty has yet to finalise the sport's regulation platform from 2021, and common ground between the company's vision and the teams' expectations is far from being achieved, with Ferrari contesting F1's path to the future and threatening to pull out from the sport altogether if Liberty's decisions remain at odds with its own interests.

"Ferrari has a unique importance and is a legend, but it must be treated like all the other teams," Carey told Italy's Corriere della Sera.

"We want them to remain part of the category -- we want to change the sport for the better, not change the teams.

"Agreements can be reached," he predicted, "but the main objective is non-negotiable: the interest of the fans comes first.

"We have to improve the show we offer on the track. The aerodynamics do not help and I am told that it is also a problem of some of the circuits."

A little over a year at the helm of F1, Carey says he is happy overall with F1's results in the past twelve months.

"In the beginning, the priority was to look at the organisational parts, and we did that," he said.

"Then we wanted to give a fresh air to the environment, as only negative things were being heard -- like when Bernie said he would not spend money to watch a race.

"Now everything is more open, there is a lot of social activity, ticket prices have gone down and we have created entertainment areas for the fans. All that accelerates the change," said Carey.

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